Is eFamilyTools Free?

A number of new users have contacted us recently to inquire about our free licensing. What happened to the free spreadsheet?

There are a number of reasons we've abandoned our previous Microsoft Excel spreadsheet version child support calculator. Not the least of which is the ability to keep you up to date and be able to provide helpful guidance as you fill out the worksheet. That doesn't mean we've abandoned all our free users though. Signing up with eFamilyTools is free and automatically provides you with a free user account. Free users can perform most of the basic calculations that paid licenses can with a few limitations. Only one case and one child support worksheet may be created (which can be modified anytime). Additionally, free licenses cannot:

  • Create PDF or Microsoft Word child support worksheets
  • Calculate tax adjustments
  • Utilize child care expenses (because this requires tax calculations)

Each license has a cost to us in the form of server overhead and maintenance. We allow free users to perform basic calculations which are not computationally intensive or require much server resources. Paid licenses are able to store almost endless amounts of data and have it available any time anywhere.

Please contact us if you have questions about our licensing model.

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