About eFamilyTools

About the Founder

eFamilyTools LLC was founded by Brian Mull. Brian is a former member of the Kansas Child Support Guidelines Advisory Committee (2014-2018).  Advisory Committee members are appointed by the Kansas Supreme Court to review the child support guidelines periodically and make revision recommendations to the Supreme Court.  Since 2010 Brian has authored numerous articles providing insight and analysis of the Kansas child support guidelines.  Most articles are available in the public domain already, but if you'd like a copy, please email us.

Brian's experience with the child support guidelines dates back to 2000 when he first developed his own spreadsheet tool to calculate child support and produce a child support worksheet.  Through 2014, Brian provided his spreadsheet-based tool to parents and family law attorneys.  With the ever-growing complexities of Kansas child support calculations, Brian eventually found it best to abandon the spreadsheet tool and break ground on a new, innovative tool allowing for more flexibility and scalability.  Enter eFamilyTools.

Meet our Team

Since none of us are photogenic, we all picked out our favorite image to represent our skills and personalities.


Founder/Lead Developer

Brian wears many hats. His background in aerospace engineering, mathematics, and computer technology allow him to be effective in many ways. He has hand coded much of the code base for our products and oversees all development. Brian also enjoys spending hours in the wood shop or on the BBQ. His chili has won a local competition the past two years.


Marketing and Social Media

Rachel's vast experience in social media marketing and photography gives her quite a unique talent within our group. Rachel takes care of our social media presence and marketing needs. She doesn't give her eye for photography enough credit. She is a die-hard K-State fan!


Platform Compatibility

Brandon ensures device and platform compatibility. There are simply too many to list. This is a big job these days as devices and browsers change almost daily. If Brandon can't fix it, it simply can't be fixed.