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2020 Kansas Child Support Guidelines Released!

On October 9, 2019, the Kansas Supreme Court issued Administrative Order 307 (AO 307) adopting the new 2020 Kansas Child Support Guidelines as the basis for all new child support cases and child support modification orders after January 1, 2020.  You can find AO 307 here (  Typically, there is a report issued by the child support committee justifying each change, providing insight into commonly documented deviations, and providing the results of the public survey solicited against the proposed guidelines changes.  That report has either not yet been released on the website, or has not yet been published.  This is an important document that has traditionally accompanied the guidelines releases.  Also absent is the detailed economist's report which was provided during the public comment survey period.  We've made inquiries into the status of these documents and will provide updates soon.

You can find the complete 2020 Kansas Child Support Guidelines here: (, which is the clean version.  If you'd like to see the redline version, highlighting each change to the 2016 guidelines, you can find it here: (

We will provide a blog post providing our subscribers with insight into the released 2020 guidelines and how eFamilyTools has implemented these updates soon.  For a brief overview of some of the impacting changes, please see our review of the version offered for public comment on our blog here: (

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