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2018 Child Support Calculator and More!

eFamilyTools is a comprehensive online tool suite that performs calculations and creates legal forms for family law cases. Family law judges, attorneys, legal assistants, court staff, case managers, mediators, and parents alike will find great value in the extensive set of tools we offer. Complex child support calculations, such as interstate pay differentials, parenting time adjustments, tax adjustments, shared residency, divided residency, and more are all handled easily and appropriately.

Kansas does not provide an official, state-sponsored, software or website to calculate child support. Kansas only provides the child support guidelines and a worksheet for you to fill out. The process is every bit as tedious as filling out a Form 1040 by hand. Our software automates the process of creating a child support worksheet while providing error checking along the way. Our business is based on getting it right the first time and making it easy and affordable for our users.


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"I wanted to reach out and thank you for the tool you have built. It has been a tremendous help, and I’ve used it extensively to run different scenarios 100 times. Your tool helped me identify that the opposing attorney was trying to push the envelope and get additional support by means of using the Extended Income Formula. Without your tool and the helpful info included, I probably would have never discovered this.

We have our hearing tomorrow, and I feel as prepared as I can be for the hearing tomorrow, and I’m ready to represent myself as best as I can. I couldn’t have gotten this far without your tool and I sincerely appreciate it. I owe you more than just a simple subscription fee."


"As a family law attorney, I use your tool quite often. The tool is laid out in an organized, logical manner which allows me to quickly create and store different scenarios for my clients, yet keep it all organized at the same time. I dreaded the change from my previous software provider simply because it meant making a change. I'm quite glad I did. Your helpful tips and even guidelines references are a life saver! Each feature seems to have been fully thought out and the final printed forms are clean and sharp looking. Keep up the good work!"