What is Cloud Computing?

What is Cloud Computing?

Apr 23 2024 Brian Mull

Did you know that eFamilyTools has always been a "Cloud Based" software?

You may have recently heard about "Cloud Computing" and how certain software vendors are transitioning to Cloud Based.  eFamilyTools was built from the ground-up as a Cloud Based Software As A Service (SAAS).  Whether you run Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone, Android, etc., our software works perfectly for you.  Our monthly subscription based products allow you to easily begin creating Kansas child support worksheets, Spousal Maintenance Worksheets, and performing calculations.

The term "Cloud Computing" has been around for a few decades.  In the general sense, Cloud Computing means that high performance servers somewhere on the internet process your information and save your data into a secure repository.  These servers take all of the load off of your personal computer while also enabling seamless secure access from anywhere.

Cloud Computing was initially developed to make data and computations widely available for accessibility and collaboration.  Now, products from Microsoft's Office 360 product line to Google Workspaces and Amazon Web Services and thousands of others leverage the power of linked high-performance servers to process and aggregate massive amounts of data.

We recognized early on that eFamilyTools must be a Cloud Based product.  This eliminates your need to update anything on your computer.  We can deploy new features and information without ever hassling you to install an update or verify you have the latest version.  It truly breaks new ground in Kansas Child Support calculations.  We've been providing you the best since 2015.


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