Back to School 2022!

Back to School 2022!

Aug 17 2022 Brian Mull

The '22-'23 school season has arrived!  As parents, we're left wondering if we should be excited, anxious, sad to see our little ones growing so fast, or a little of everything.  Please be assured that everything will work out fine.  Children are more creative, adaptive, and resilient than we ever imagined.  They are also highly impressionable.  So, if you're feeling anxiety or sadness about your child starting back to school, put that in your pocket and try to focus on being excited for your children for now.  Children pick up more emotion from their parents that we know about.

So, crack open a juice box and have a movie night - enjoy the ride!  Remember that our kids are making some of their fondest memories this month.  Cherrish every moment!

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