How does Kansas Child Support Compare to Other States?

The chart below is based on the state-by-state child suport comparison study conducted by Dr. Jane Venohr with the Center for Policy Research.  Dr. Venohr's data was published in a JAAML article, as referenced in the chart.  I plotted the data against a regression curve to illustrate the general trend.  From that trend, we can see that KS sets itself apart from its peers, at similar cost of living, as one of the highest child support states.  At 28% above the regression line, KS earns the bronze for the 3rd highest child support amount!

The below case is based on a 2-child family at median income levels.  This would be a very common scenario for Kansas families.  For many years parents and practitioners have been assured by the Kansas child support committee that Kansas is one of the lowest paying states so there should be no ill feelings toward increasing child support awards year after year.  When this data was published, some Kansas committee members remarked that they actually want Kansas to be one of the highest child support states.  It's unclear what data would support such a statement.  But, the facts are the facts.  Kansas uses a unique economic model that is not used by any other state in the country.  Dozens of economists have been involved in the derivation of other state guidelines.  Kansas' model was developed by Dr. William Terrell, former professor of economics at Wichita State University.  His model and assumptions have been carried forward by Dr. Jodi Messer Pelkowski, associate professor at Wichita State University.  No formal 3rd-party review has been conducted to ensure the economic model fits well with the data.  The model clearly puts Kansas child support much higher than it's peers.

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