Summer is Here!

Summer has arrived! For many parents involved in child custody cases, this means adjusting parenting time schedules. Summer parenting time, summer camps, vacations, and other summer activities can mean a change in child support.

The current child support guidelines provide a child support reduction of up to 50% to parents increasing their parenting time over the summer months. eFamilyTools has the built-in capabilty to calculate this difference in child support simply by increasing the child support adjustment to 50%.

Shared residential parents who share in the direct expenses of the child(ren) may need to make adjustments to payments for such expenses. Examples may include the increased cost of an agreed upon new summer activity or agreed expenses for a new automobile. If the parents have agreed on the expenses, they can be incorporated into the direct expense sharing agreement. Even if the parents don't share direct expenses, but instead utilize the Equal Parenting Time formula, occasionally, additional agreed expenses may be used to modify the child support order if the parents agree.

The end of summer may bring about further changes in schedules and expenses. eFamilyTools makes it easy to keep your case up to date and understand what each parent's obligation is.

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