eFamilyTools 2019 Kansas Child Support Calculator Released

We are pleased to announce that our new 2019 Kansas Child Support Calculator (version 19.0.0) has been released! This new version makes several updates and incorporates several bug fixes. The most notable change is the new tax calculations which apply the 2019 tax law. Another important change is the new “Case Summary” sheet which automatically prints when you print your child support worksheet. The Case Summary is a very important and long overdue upgrade and we’re pleased to release it. You can now see an entire case at a glance combined with a deeper look at all of the tax adjustments we use.

Updating an existing child support worksheet to version 19.0.0 is quite simple. Open your existing worksheet. At the right of the page (on PC or Mac) or at the bottom (mobile devices) you will see a message indicating what software version was used to calculate the sheet. A red message indicates that the software version is out of date.

You have two choices. You can either click the “Recalculate” button at the bottom and then “Save.” Or, iff you’d like to retain a copy of your older version, first click the “Clone” button at the bottom. This will create a new worksheet and can be considered equivalent to “Save As.” After cloning the sheet, you are ready to update calculations. Simply click the “Recalculate” button at the bottom of the and then click “Save.” You’re all done!

Remember that our version numbering system works like this: 19.x.x = 2019 program base version x.#.x = program iteration #. When calculations change, this version will be incremented. x.x.# = form version #. If our forms are updated for some reason, this number will be incremented.

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