eFamilyTools Launches New Web Application

Today we launched our new web application. Our new software replaces a decade old Microsoft Excel spreadsheet which we provided for free to help others calculate child support and create formatted child support worksheets. Building on our experience and knowledge of child support guidelines and the family courts, we developed a web application that surpasses the capabilities of our spreadsheet product in every way.

For years our child support calculator and worksheet was provided for free in the form of a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. The spreadsheet was first created out of necessity and was later further developed and provided to others through Kansas Child Support Forum. Parents, attorneys, and even judges gladly used our easy-to-use spreadsheet and requested additional features. We wanted to meet the requests of our users, but the use of a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet had some limitations. Firstly, some features would only work on Microsoft Windows operating systems. Several features, such as error checking and updating, is possible, but only by using codes compatible only with Windows operating systems. We wanted to cater to all of our users on any platform. So, the decision was made to abandon the spreadsheet and begin something new.

Our new software utilizes a completely different approach, so it's possible to do things not previously possible using only a spreadsheet. For instance, software updates can be seamlessly integrated (even as you are using our software). We are able to develp innovative new tools which are automatically available to our users.

Our software was built specifically for mobile devices. You will notice that when accessing the app from a mobile device, it behaves similar to a typical mobile app. Even swiping the navigation menu works similar. We not only kept mobile users in mind when developing our software, we put them first.

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